Why do we do it? (mission statement)

The Alpe-Adria region (including North-Eastern Italy, Southern Austria, North-Western Croatia and most of Slovenia), strongly lacks academic provision in the realm of arts and creative industries that could answer contemporary needs of the quickly changing job market and integrate into the unstable currents of European cultural and media production. These creative practices can not only invigorate traditional industrial sectors and stir positive migrations by education and employment, but they especially contribute to intercultural understanding, intellectual transactions and production innovations in the region.

This is why the »ADRIART« partnership from four different countries, Croatia, Austria, Italy and Slovenia, is developing a double international »Master of Arts in Practice« programme. In ADRIART we are Advancing Digitally Renewed Interactions in Art Teaching.

Why would you need it?

Such production-oriented academic collaboration shall not only offer new and improved career opportunities to local and regional students, but also increase professional exchange of teachers and art professionals on EU-wide and global scales. Other similar regions of the European space will be offered an open and sustainable organisation model as well as concrete applications, methodologies and study materials to help them implement similar programmes.