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University of Nova Gorica School of Arts / Visoka šola za umetnost Univerze v Novi Gorici

At the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts we aim to understand and practice the arts in a broadest possible sense and value each student as an independent and creative personality developing in the group and community. The basic framework of the School is artistic and media production, education and research. The School of Arts thus presents an interdisciplinary meeting place for novel practices and ideas where, not least through the use of latest digital technologies and new media, the studies prepare students and teachers for the challenges of increasingly cross-disciplinary academic and production environments. The School of Arts is also coordinator or participant in a number of national and international research, development and productions projects

Applied Arts Academy at the University of Rijeka / Akademija primijenjenih umjetnosti Sveučilišta u Rijeci

The Academy of Applied Arts at the University of Rijeka conducts university study programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, in accordance with current strategies of artistic production in the field of applied arts and art education. It represents the youngest higher-education institution established at the University. However, its history dates from the 1960s when the Department of Art Education and Fine Art had been founded at the Academy of Education, from which today’s Academy emerged in 2005. The system of elective courses, flexibility of study program and interdisciplinary teaching accommodate individual students’ interests. The Academy is situated in the centre of the new University of Rijeka Campus, which hosts new educational complexes, various student facilities, and provides a stimulating environment for study and research.

Technical University Graz / Technische Universität Graz

The Institute of Contemporary Art and the Institute of Architecture and Media of the Technical University Graz are both part of the Faculty of Architecture. While the Institute of Contemporary Art focuses on the connections between art and technology, as well as contemporary art practices on and within the public space; the Institute of Architecture and Media approaches contemporary architecture by parametric and algorithmic means. The main focus areas are 'augmented architecture' and 'digital fabrication'.

University of Udine / Università degli Studi di Udine 

The University of Udine intends to contribute to the development and implementation of the ADRIART project by focusing on the core area of film theory studies. The University of Udine has developed the laboratories of “La Camera Ottica” and “C.R.E.A.” for the preservation and restoration of silent cinema, experimental cinema, video art and audiotapes; and the research center “Centro Studi Amidei” for interpretation and implementation of both film criticism as well as script and screenwriting