What ...

What the study programme will be about?

At the beginning the student will either bring a project idea, or define concrete interest in one of the creative environments, either contemporary arts or intermedia, film or creative industries. This is where (s)he will alongside peers start the »Progress Track« under support of local and international mentors, and under review of expert committees. To build competences around the student's project idea or field of interest, s/he  can choose from several »Studios« (substantial theory-supported pratical projects) along the stages of Explore!, Define!, and Focus!. Simultaneously, the student combines several competencies »… in Practice« by selecting diverse smaller courses from the realms of Techniques, Discourses or Management on offer by the entire programme consortium. Courses are delivered on different locations in Croatia, Slovenia. Italy, or Austria and are all supported by an online learning environment. Possibly combining different creative enviroments in the beginning of the programme, the study experience gradually converges towards the final Master Thesis Project.

What time will we finish, and when do we start?

- September 2012 pilot year 1 applications, closed
- October 2012 start of pilot year 1, running
- October 2013 start of year 1 and pilot year 2
- October 2014 start of year 1 and year 2

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