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Telematic Performance - an ADRIART blended course

Telematic Performance is a truly blended course in the spirit of ADRIART, connecting 3 students from University of Nova Gorica School of Arts and 3 students from Academy of Applied Arts University of Rijeka into one workshop, lead by dr. Peter Purg from University of Nova Gorica.

MAP IN MOTION 20.1.2015 in Kulturni dom Nova Gorica

MAP IN MOTION Festival screening - on January 20 2015 at 7pm at Kulturni dom Nova Gorica presenting short films by MAP students: 

Nerazločen pogovor (Indistinct conversation)
Iva Musović, Serbia/ Slovenia, 2012, transfer from 8mm, black and white, 4', no subs
Portrait fragments and communication among people during festival breaks. The picture is largely out of focus and the film does not have the original sound. The conversations are muted, experienced only through short details and the atmosphere.

VOR ORT: 3 works presentations and debates on 'Art & Ecology' (in connection with MAP IN MOTION Graz - Turbulence Exhibition)

Tuesday, 25. November 2014 7:00PM. 
Forum Stadtpark, Graz

3 works presentations and debates on 'Art & Ecology'

Turbulence: a climate sound portrait
the collaborative team of the exhibition will present the work and the process behind it >>> Daniela Brasil, Hans Holger Rutz, Laura Chromecek, Nayari Castillo, Richard Dank (IZK, IAM, IEM)

MAP in MOTION program in ZAGREB, 8th September, 2014


MAP IN MOTION 20.8. in Španski borci, 3.9. in Cinemateque - both in Ljubljana, 4.9. in Rovinj

MAP in MOTION Ljubljana - July 14, August 18, September 3

As closure of the ADRIART project and in the context of Media Arts and Practices master study program, the ADRIART partners are organizing MAP in MOTION festival
, which is being held separately at different locations. The Ljubljana edition of the MAP in MOTION festival will see on July 14 seen a symposium and exhibition and in late summer a screening (September 3) and a dance-theatre show (August 20). The symposium will present specific progressive parts of the internationally oriented master programme in Media Arts and Practices. An important part of the symposium presents the artist talk, where artists-students are given the possibility to present their work. In the last part of the symposium we invite to an open discussion »Studying in art – Studio in the city«, and later in the evening to a guided tour and vernissage of the exhibition of works by students from University of Nova Gorica School of Arts and Academy of Applied Arts of University of Rijeka in Alkatraz Gallery.

MAP in MOTION Rijeka

MAP in MOTION Rijeka - July 1 - 5
MAP in MOTION Ljubljana - July 14, August 18, September 3

As closure of the ADRIART project and in the context of Media Arts and Practices master study program, the ADRIART partners are organizing MAP in MOTION festival. The Rijeka edition will see a public discussion day, an exhibition, a screening and other additional programme. The Rijeka edition will be organized by Academy of  Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka, in collaboration with the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts, Graz University of Technology and University of Udine, as ADRIART partner institutions, will open the multilocal and multitemporal festival. The Ljubljana edition will begin on July 14 and will present a symposium, an exhibition and in late summer the premiere of a dance theatre show and a film screening. 

UNDER THE FLAG OF DISPLACEMENT -- Rijeka mobility 2014

As the second edition of Rijeka Site-specific mobility we are proposing specific location that reflects multiple dimensions of time, suggests numerous potential narratives and variety of approaches to the topic of site and its specific context. This year's location is a historical ship, Yugoslav Navy yacht Galeb. After its rich and tormentous history the ship is now located in Rijeka harbour with a perspective to become a museum/monument. 

FOReCAST -- Responsive Art in the Public Realm -- Graz mobility 2014

May 7-16, 2014. This year we will develop our module in cooperation with the Institute of Electronic Music (  They have started in 2012 the project "SysSon"(, which aims to systematically sonify climate data. Further partners are the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change ( ) and the Systematic Musicology ( ) from the Karl-Franzens University in Graz.

Filmforum Gorica/Udine, 04/2014

2 - 11 April. FilmForum is an international festival devoted to cinema and the contemporary visual arts that brings together scientific research, the dissemination of culture, and exhibition shows. From the very beginning FilmForum has aimed at discovering and developing the most stimulating and innovative artistic areas and research fields (including videogame studies, postcinema, porn studies, film heritage). FilmForum takes place in Udine and Gorizia and it offers conferences, meetings, workshops and screenings.

Mapping Komiža Narratives 2014

Upon an intriguing episode of MKN in 2013 ADRIART will be back to the pretty little island with an even more spatially focussed and micro-geographically aware course of site-specific intermedia interventions:

Summer course, Komiža 2014:


when: 6-13 September 2014 
where: Komiža, Island of Vis, Croatia

Croatia Creative - Berlin, Report

Exhibition of media art installations created by students from the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka at the University of Arts in Berlin, 20. - 22. September 2013.

Hidden Lives of the Ghetto : HILOVV Strikes a Venetian Hattrick!

Upon the shoulders of the pioneering 11-12 edition Venetian Connection and the 12-13 P

  • GRAB.ROG.LAND - a MonoMaterialisation of Rog 11/2013

    This year's 3d-modelling&materialization workshop "GRAB.ROG.LAND, a MonoMaterialisation of Rog" is based on a student's game concept GRABROGLAND.doc (Peter Mišic, University of Nova Gorica School of Arts) from the 2012/13 workshop "LOGOS, Multitude Manifestations of Rog".


    On Thursday 31st of October on APU, Rijeka we will host a lecturer Dr. sc. Julian Henriques, who will talk to students and mentors about his educational work and teaching experiences at the Goldsmiths College in London, and Parminder Vir, media investment expert for and film and television producer, who will talk about her recent projects.

    Conversation with prof. Julian Henriques will take place in the room no 12 (1st floor right, studio for Photography and New Media) at 11 am, and with Parminder Vir in the same space at 10 am.

    Mapping Komiza Narratives / photo report

    Komiža, the island of Vis, 7-14.9.2013
    International New media / Intermedia Workshop

    Organisation: Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka