What is a Studio?

Within the Studio Module the student is required to take one Studio per semester 1, 2 and 3 from a minimum of two choices offered per semester. A Studio course is a collective, congested study experience, closely connected to a student’s individual Carrier Module implementation. As a self-standing course it connects the areas of more Carrier Modules into a cohesive topic-based and research-oriented production. Often realised as a site-specific project in workshop form, it treats a specific topic in an interdisciplinary way. The offer, as well as profile (content) of Studios is “sensitive” to the realm choices of each year’s student cohort and might be implemented in combination with TIP/DIP courselets.


Mapping Komiža Narratives e.3 -- Komiža, Vis 09/2014
Under the Flag of Displacement -- Rijeka 07/2014
FOReCAST -- Responsive Art in the Public Realm -- Graz 05/2014
HiLoVv -- Hidden Live(r)s of Venice on Video e.3 -- Venice 11/2013
GRAB.ROG.LAND -- a MonoMaterialisation of Rog 11/2013
Mapping Komiža Narratives -- Komiža, Vis 09/2013
Site-specific Rijeka itinerant workshop -- Rijeka 06/2013
Responsive Art in the Public Realm -- Graz  04/2013
Lógos - Multitude Manifestations of Rog -- Ljubljana 01/2013
HiLoVv -- Hidden Live(r)s of Venice on Video e.2 -- Venice 11/2012
HiLoVv -- Hidden Live(r)s of Venice on Video e.1 -- Venice 11/2011