HyperHaiQ @ ADRIART-congested Theory&Practice of New Media

HyperHaiQ @ ADRIART-congested Theory&Practice of New Media

Peter Purg / Čet, 04/17/2014 - 21:25

Today Sara Salamon, a guest student through the ADRIART.CE (CEEPUS) network, attending the international/-disciplinary course "Theory&Practice of New Media" at the School of Arts / University of Nova Gorica, suggested that her colleague Nikolina Hrga from Rijeka drops by at the project-development session of the course. So I said great, let her come -- and then she happened to bring along 4 further Rijeka students (I think all/most are studying in the adriart.net- developed Master of Media Arts and Practices), what a nice surprize..

..so our course today took a very interesting turn. In fact, the collaborative creativity boost was quite immense -- the "HyperHaiQ" (working title) project will, on May 27 (school's semester show) produce a

"- physical installation (in space, with object/s, including new-media tech)
and an
- online hypervideo (all videos interlinked within one youtube channel)"

To keep up the suspense for all of you out there -- here's an excerpt of the jointly agreed rules (i.e. gemified project management):

"- Haiku must observe the formal norm 5-7-5 (syllables) and have "nature" as topic, c.f. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku
- Haiku must not be read out but said freely, with you looking directly into the camera.
- The video ("talking head") must be shot according to EU ID photo standards; c.f.  http://www.123passportphoto.com/eu-passport-photos.php
- The "listening part" needs to be really quiet (no backround noise), you don't need to look into camera, but you may...
- Audio should be good quality, clear and understandable, not too loud or too quiet.
- Background of the talking head needs to be white (whatever material/whiteness)."

Franci's haikus inspired us, upon R.W:.Emerson "Nature" -- but then you should have heard how Croatian students read out the poetry pieces in Slovenian! Well, you will soon get another chance (and vice versa!) Btw, Franci comes from another involved school - the School of Humanities at UNG that contributed "theory" to the "practice" (or rather vice versa!) by the School of Arts, in this rather experimental "Theory&Practice of New Media" course (in whihc I hereby thank co-leader Aleš Vaupotič for his patience & discoursive rigor). And with two further art academies of the region involved now, this one is bound to boogie:

The story, so far, goes like this:

"5 postcard-borne haikus in Croatian were read out by Slovenians, and another 5 vice versa. Then a Bosnian came.."

..indeed, we were happy to have with us today also Adla Isanović, teaching multimedia at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Art, she was just leaving Gorica after guest-lecturing (through ADRIART.CE) on “Rethinking Database and Arts in The Digital Age”; a propos, our database entries will be:

1) written haiku (on postcard)
2) transcribed haiku (e-format)
2) video with read-out haiku (+ "listening" before&after haiku)

Adla & VIki (who came in late today) will do an "outcast" (anti)haiku-intervention, reaching beyond the EU-border.

..stay tuned!

(Special thanks to Tina Smrekar for those great snapshots!!)