Site-specific Rijeka itinerant workshop - 06/2013

Site-specific Rijeka itinerant workshop - 06/2013


24. - 28. June 2013


The workshop, held from June 24. to 28. 2013 in the Rikard Benčić ex-factory complex, was based on the theme of site specificity in which the main role is carried by the space as it is now. The space itself emanates an assignment/purpose towards the product, defined by the student: for the necessities of an ambient installation as an independent art piece or for a potential event to be created (performance, action or theatrical piece). The student is free to choose between ambient and performance / action. Among the locations suggested, the student chooses a specific unit or a complex in which he creates his work.

The workshop location was the Industrial heritage complex of the city of Rijeka, including every potential space which once had an industrial function and as such defined the city in the past years. Each specific location chosen is a sum of smaller locations disposed to the student, as a total (architectural circuit), or an individual unit (separate rooms)."

The workshop in loco was held during five days by the end on June 2013, of which three were dedicated to the setup and two to the realization with technical equipment. The preproduction consists of nine weeks of research and development of projects selected. During this period, the communication with students and mentors was realised through Skype (on Mondays) and Moodle platform.

Ambient installation

It is allowed to use different materials (consumable materials suggested) which are in function and correlation with chosen location and potential student’s idea. It is possible to use light techniques and everything necessary for screenings on different surfaces. Dimensions of the works depend on location chosen within the specific site from which the maximums of the production are defined individually. From the moment of idea definition, correspondently to space and technical development of drafts-plans, the work is performed in loco with support of the Academy if necessary.

Performance, Action

Students that opt for performance or action category have the possibility of correlation to students who choose ambient installation, or they can develop a work as individual unit. In this expression form it is important to include, alongside space identity research, the research of its history. Duration of action or performance is indefinite.

Nine weeks executive program of the workshop will develop as follows:
*Theoretical research = 15 hours

1.     textual materials and image documentation of the defined and confirmed spaces
2.     in the first two weeks, the student gains thorough knowledge in the space documentation                        
                   *Practical research = 35 hours
3.     development of a personal concept within forms proposed
4.     idea/concept confirmation, technical specification of each project
5.     development of a synopsis/performance template
6.     definition of final personal synopsis
7.     selection of one final synopsis to be developed in preproduction
                    *Preproduction (final technical setup for the workshop realization)
8.     logistics, technical setup
9.     definition of supporting (media) materials

Overall: 50 hours / 2 ECTS

Location production

1.     3 days of setting up the works
2.     2 final days of workshop
3.     last day evening, public presentation of the workshop

 Overall: 50 hours / 2 ECTS

The workshop in overall consists of 100 hours, or 4 ECTS.

-        teach students how to identify and resolve complex issues within creative space figuration, and how to formulate solutions which have specific concept, function and 

-        teach communication skills (oral and written), for the development of an efficient interaction in the field of scenography through work with a team of authors, artists-colleagues, and technicians.

The participants of the workshop are: 3 to 5 students from APU, 3 students from UNG, 1 student from TUG, 1 student from USU.

Language instruction
Croatian, Slovenian, English

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In the program, the following professors will take part: Đorđe Jandrić, Goran Petercol, Fedor Vučemilović, Lara Badurina as supervisor. The coordinator of the workshop is the APU's external collaborator Stefano Katunar.