Screening at Video in Progress Festival in Ljubljana

Student production screened at Video in Progress Festival in Ljubljana. The festival selection includes short works by different generations dealing with the city and the history. The introduction comprises a number of short films produced at First Pass (Prva podaja), a 48-hour workshop that marks the beginning of the new academic year; every year the new intake of students, mixed into different inter-generational combinations, walks through the city and whilst getting acquainted also produce their first group works.

Coorporation challenges after the EU accession of Croatia, 5th of July, 2014, Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka

Milijana Babic and Nadija Mustapic, both involved in the Adriart project at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, are invited to participate in the panel discussion  Coorporation challenges after the EU accession of Croatia. The main topic of the discussion is the collaboration between Slovenian and Croatian organisations and presentation of current projects.

Presentation of MAP study programme in Slovenia

Enrolments for the MA in Media Arts and Practices at the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts are open. You can have a peek of what the programme is about at the presentations on May 28 at 4pm, either at School premises in Gorica (Palazzo Alvarez, Via Diaz 5, Gorica) or at Slovenska kinoteka in Ljubljana (Miklošičeva 28). 

Welcome to ADRIART

With Media Arts and Practices (MAP) study programme in Nova Gorica and Rijeka

The Media Arts and Practices (MAP) Master programme is runnning fully at the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (since 2012) as well as at the Academy of Applied Arts at the University of Rijeka (since 2013). For the year 2015/16 Calls for applications are expected in June.

Within the ADRIART project the partners have developed an international master study programme in Media Arts and Practices, with several Carrier Modules: Intermedia, Photography, Scenographic Spaces at the Academy of Applied Arts at the University of Rijeka and Animation, Film, Photography, New Media, Scenographic Spaces, Contemporary Art Practices at the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts.

The complete two-year implementation cycle strongly focuses on short location-specific module runs and  promotes participation of best mentors and students from the region and around the world. Among four countries and in five languages the programme discusses site-specific (demographical, social, cultural, ecological, migratory etc.) topics in interdisciplinary ways, while stimulating multi-cultural academic exchange and graduates’ development towards self-sustainability. >> More about the Programme

Towards a MAP degree

At the beginning the student will either bring a project idea, or define concrete interest in one of the creative environments, either contemporary arts or intermediafilm or creative industries. This is where (s)he will alongside peers start the »Progress Track« under support of local and international mentors, and under review of expert committees. To build competences around the student's project idea or field of interest, s/he  can choose from several Carrier Modules (substantial theory-supported pratical projects) along the stages of Explore!Define!, and Focus!. Simultaneously, the student combines several competencies »… in Practice« by selecting diverse smaller courses from the realms of Techniques or Discourses on offer by the entire programme consortium. Courses are delivered on different locations in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, or Austria and are all supported by an online learning environment. Possibly combining different creative enviroments in the beginning of the programme, the study experience gradually converges towards the final Master Thesis Project.

Photo: HiLoVv project final screening with discussion at University of Nova Gorica School of Arts