MAP IN MOTION 20.1.2015 in Kulturni dom Nova Gorica

MAP IN MOTION 20.1.2015 in Kulturni dom Nova Gorica

MAP IN MOTION Festival screening - on January 20 2015 at 7pm at Kulturni dom Nova Gorica presenting short films by MAP students: 

Nerazločen pogovor (Indistinct conversation)
Iva Musović, Serbia/ Slovenia, 2012, transfer from 8mm, black and white, 4', no subs
Portrait fragments and communication among people during festival breaks. The picture is largely out of focus and the film does not have the original sound. The conversations are muted, experienced only through short details and the atmosphere.

Družinsko srečanje (Family reunion)
Iva Musović, 2013, 16:9, HD, colour, 16' 
Nenad is in a hospital, recovering from brain stroke. His girlfriend came to visit him. She is shocked by his critical condition but still keeping a smile on her face and trying to cheer him up. After a while Nenad’s ex wife shows up, interrupting their time of intimacy. Girlfriend leaves and ex wife stays torn between anger and sadness. Very soon whole family is around. Some of them haven’t seen each other for long time due to unspoken hostility. Little by little they start to discuss and quarrel while Nenad is dying.  

Poroka (Wedding)
Iva Musović, Slovenia/Serbia, 2014, 16:9, HD, colour, 13'50''
Peđa and Ana are secondary school students. They have been a couple for a while and plan to start living together but their families disapprove. Džeki is the family's dog, which by coincidence gets involved in the conflict over their forbidden love. 

Urška Djukić, Slovenia, 2013, HD, colour, 2', no subs
A reproduction and homage to the famous Kofetarica (Coffeemadam), by Slovenia’s foremost female painter, Ivana Kobilica. The humorous interpretation of the renowned painting raises questions about the motif.

Mulci (KIDS)
Urška Djukić, Slovenia, 2014, HD, colour, 11'25'', in Slovene, no subs
Pilot for a contemporary youth TV-series mixes fiction with animated comments of the main protagonist, the young Saša, who has to face the eternal women’s dilemma.

Distant Memory
Valerija Zabret aka Valerie Wolf Gang, 2014, 16:9, HD, colour, 2'43'', English subs
Distant Memory is video poetry which speaks about the times that once were. It all starts with a random event which evokes the narrator's memories about the times before the disintegration of Yugoslavia and encourages reflection about what the war actually brings and how quickly people forget. The poem can be interpreted as a letter or a personal confession of an unknown man (it can be a sailor) written for Tito's mighty ship Galeb. The ship has symbolic value in the poem and through the variety of short scenes showing different details we can observe different interpretations and connections between real life and the imaginary world of poetry. Video and poetry: Valerie Wolf Gang, Voice: Ulay