Hidden Lives of the Ghetto : HILOVV Strikes a Venetian Hattrick!

Hidden Lives of the Ghetto : HILOVV Strikes a Venetian Hattrick!

Upon the shoulders of the pioneering 11-12 edition Venetian Connection and the 12-13 Passione the "Hidden Lives of Venice on Video" aims at creating one more omnibus of short documentary films capturingun(dis)covered stories in and about the oldest Jewish Ghetto in the world. 

After 5 weeks of joint online research that brought about a selection of topics and drafted production plans 18 students and 8 mentors meet in Venice Nov 24 - Dec 7, 2013for 2 weeks of final synopsis clarification, scenario development, shooting and rough editing, to finalize the films for distribution in January. The screening will be held on Friday December 6 at 1pm / Calle del Forno 1107, Ghetto Vecchio, Venezia.
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The course is lead by prof. Rajko Grlić, the project is supported by the European Union in the form of a Lifelong Learning - Intensive Programmes grant. Other mentors: Alessandro Bordina, Neda R. Bric, Valeria Cozzarini, Ingeborg Fülepp, Jasna Hribernik, Miha Hvale, Brigitte Kovacs, Boštjan Potokar, Peter Purg, Rene Rusjan, Tina Smrekar, Fedor Vučemilović.

Participants: Denis Barbić, Francesco Cartigheddu, Jaka Čurlič, Urška Djukić, Alexia Eberl, Renata Fugošić, Sara Ghiani, Dominik Grdić, Jasmina Lozar, Gregor Mörth, Peter Mišic, Katja Munda Rakar, Dylan Mundy Clowry, Iva Musović, Monika Rusak, Cornelia Steiner, Claudia Spinelli, Gašper Uršič 

Consortium partners: School of Arts University of Nova Gorica, Academy of Applied Arts University of Rijeka, Contemporary Arts InstituteArchitecture and Media Institute, Graz Technical University and University of Udine. Partner: IAES - International Accademy of Environmental Sciences

Special thanks: the protagonists, International Academy of Environmental Sciences, The Venice Center of International Jewish Studies, The Jewish Community of Venice.


In 2013 HILOVV received the Slovenian National award "Apple of Quality" ("Jabolko kakovosti") for the Best Intensive Programme. The award is given out bi-annually upon decision of an independent foreign jury, judging the whole intensive programme against criteria of relevance, result, management, sustainability as well as creativity and innovation.