GRAB.ROG.LAND - a MonoMaterialisation of Rog 11/2013

GRAB.ROG.LAND - a MonoMaterialisation of Rog 11/2013

This year's 3d-modelling&materialization workshop "GRAB.ROG.LAND, a MonoMaterialisation of Rog" is based on a student's game concept GRABROGLAND.doc (Peter Mišic, University of Nova Gorica School of Arts) from the 2012/13 workshop "LOGOS, Multitude Manifestations of Rog".

After joint research online, the group of students and mentors from Technical University Graz (Austria), Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka (Croatia) and University of Nova Gorica, School of Arts (Slovenia) has met in RogLab 13-15 November 2013 to develop a dice game for culture-management of real-estate.

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A pre-premiere of the prototype will be on 29.11.2013 as a part of the University of Nova Gorica School of Art's coproduction at the Pixxelpoint festival (Gorizia / Nova Gorica), a premiere invitation to roll the dice is set for "RogLab Prototypes" gala show on 19.12.2013 at the Breg 22 gallery in Ljubljana,.

The goal of this year's process, lead by Richard Dank and Peter Purg, was to develop and produce a full prototype -- a nicely finished pair of non-rectangular dice in a dedicated boxing, along with the entire gamification, where the generic rules will refer (not only) to the specific cultural context around Rog(Lab)...


Coproduced by the University of Nova Gorica ( project) and RogLab; cofinanced by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the European Commission (Life-long learning Programme), and the University of Nova Gorica.