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Photo story on (joint) Progress Track and other student presentations

Tina Smrekar / Pon, 05/05/2014 - 10:24

To someone who is new to ADRIART and Media Arts and Practices Programme, the term Progress Track might not mean much. To students (and mentors!) of the Programme however it is the backbone of their studies, a regular review of their work; on smaller projects, advancing their knowledge, skills and conception on and for their master project. This overall progress is mentor and peer reviewed through regular meetings, as often as possible with -remote or f2f- meetings with a group at another institution.

University of Nova Gorica at Pixxelpoint New Media Festival

Pixxelpoint New Media Festival in Nova Gorica has this year invited the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts to co-create an exhibition on De.fragmentation. The festival opening will begin on Friday, November 29 at 5.00pm at the School of Arts location in Gorica with exhibition Re-think; Re-edit; Re-use and continue in Mestna galerija Nova Gorica with official opening. More www.pixxelpoint.org

GRAB.ROG.LAND - a MonoMaterialisation of Rog 11/2013

This year's 3d-modelling&materialization workshop "GRAB.ROG.LAND, a MonoMaterialisation of Rog" is based on a student's game concept GRABROGLAND.doc (Peter Mišic, University of Nova Gorica School of Arts) from the 2012/13 workshop "LOGOS, Multitude Manifestations of Rog".

Video Wall – urban open air video gallery in Ljubljana

Video Wall – a project by Pila Rusjan (aka Polona zupan) - urban open air video gallery in Ljubljana, temporary graffiti as an open space for video artists.

Call for applications to Media Arts and Practices Master programme in Nova Gorica 2013/14

Candidates should approach with a project idea or clear interest in a specific creative realm. In an international atmosphere students will develop their final project and theoretical thesis, all in close interaction with mentors, guest teachers and peers. Embedded in international mobility and collaboration networks, the Media Arts and Practices master was designed for flexible lifestyles and manifold careers within the EU-supported adriart.net project, including regular workshops on specific sites with referenced partners in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and elsewhere.

First time in Komiza

Tomislav Brajnović / Pet, 09/20/2013 - 08:49

I knew that the first perception of a place depends on the tipe of "entrance" you make...
We came to Vis by ferry in a two hours boat ride from Split. We immediately searched for the Hotel Bisevo that is the only hotel in Komiza. The hotel was neat and clean but it is a living monument of past socialistic times... The beach under the hotel and the pizzeria next to it confirmed the first impression.

Mapping Komiža Narratives - 09/2013

Between September 7 and 14 2013 twelve students and several mentors from four universities gathered at the new media/intermedia workshop on Vis Island in Croatia with course leaders artist and professor Dalibor Martinis and professor Peter Purg. Mapping Komiža Narratives developed research-based intermedia interventions in the topologies, topographies, and tropologies of the island Vis and the town of Komiža. The course builds upon the experience of two editions of Komiža New Media Port workshops.

<< visit adriart@fb for most recent trans-mediatisations of Mapping Komiža Narratives >>

What is this MA(P) all about, for me

Iva Musovic / Pet, 07/19/2013 - 14:18

The idea for the film Family reunion was just to make a short video test for a feature film. But little by little it became a work in itself. Death of the main character is a metaphor for getting out of the family Pandora's Box. I didn't think of physical death much, but I used it to show how it can happen that in such a critical moment members of a family can't go over own selfish pain, anger and pity.

"Family Reunion" at Motovun Film Festival!

First generation MAP student Iva Musović of University of Nova Gorica School of Arts is showing her short film Family Reunion/Porodićno okupljanje at the prestigious Motovun Film Festival in Croatia. The film, developed under mentorship of director Rajko Grlić, is her first realised within the Media Arts and Practices programme. The screening will take place on July 30 at 11am.

Media Arts and Practices (MAP) study programme to begin also in Rijeka

After the successful accreditation process of MAP study program on the University level, MAP study program at the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka will consist of three carrier modules: Intermedia, Photography and Scenographic Spaces and will be implemented in the academic year 2013/2014. Promotional event which will publically present MAP study program is planned during the project meeting in Rijeka and in time of the Scenographic Spaces mobility pilot in ex industrial complex Rikard Bencic in Rijeka. Promotional event will be held in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka spaces (Dolac 1/II) on the 27th of June at 10.30 am.

MAP students in their first interim Progress Track Review

Students of the pilot generation of the MA Media Arts and Practices programme have had their first internationally flavoured Interim Progress Track Review on Wednesday, May 22, 2013. The programme is being developed within the ADRIART project and implemented currently at the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts, awaiting pilot implementation at the University of Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts in October 2013/14 and full implementation at University of Nova Gorica. 

Presentation of Itinerary Workshop at Specific Locations in Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka

Within the Copula project of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, which organises a series of talks with artists and other actors in culture on the topic of art in the public space, Rijeka mobility pilot Itinerary Workshop at Specific Locations will be presented by APU team members.        



APU student / Čet, 04/25/2013 - 09:57

To confront/ coop/ deal with:

new people, different culture, living architecture, unknown context, new inputs, technology,  rain, friendly alliens, curators,  not enough people to interact with, 56 x 25, bachelorette party, println (programming); , tram 6, tram 26, wurst, trash horror films, makey makey that interacted  with the rain at the opening,  sleeping bags, tracking systems, responsive art, input devices, timetables, deadlines, flyers, concepts, concepts, concepts,  chinese wisdom and fortune cookie missions, Schlossberg stairs, cigarette machine,  wireless connection, great expectations, excitement, crossing the borders, great team, laugh, brainstorming, stress, Prost!,  new ideas, compromise, public space, posibilities,  group hugs, great mentors trio, magical helpers in programming, great memories.

Filmforum Gorica/Udine, 03/2013

The 20th edition of International Film Studies Conference will be held in Udine, 12 – 14 March 2013. As part of the bigger event Filmforum, the International conference Who’s What? Intellectual Property in the Digital Era, will be focusing this year on issues related to intellectual property in the digital age. The most proficient Cinema, Contemporary Art and New Media scholars will debate on issues related to copyright, originals vs. copies, intellectual property, archive and, more generally, on new authorship practices as introduced by the digital revolution.