How Rog Multifested the Manitudes of LOGOS

How Rog Multifested the Manitudes of LOGOS

Peter Purg / Uto, 01/29/2013 - 11:24

After the rather optimistic kickoff on 12.12.12. at 12:12:12 and -12 Centigrades, the baffling "online month" began. We were all more/less trying to make "joint online preparation of international workshop participants" actually happen. For what? For the "LOGOS - Multitude Manifestations of Rog" short mobility run within our bravely piloting "Media Arts and Practices" programme. What for?

Confined to their local solitudes more/less far away from the site-specificity of Rog, the carefully selected applicants should have "acquired the basics of parametric 3d-modelling and -printing". And parallel to that, some of them practically did "research on the existing practices and discourses in and around Rog - to scrape out possible identification pathways for developing algorithmic artifacts...". But mostly, as the first day of the workshop proved, they left all those "remote impressions" (Ivana B.) gradually swell into a concept that most of them brought paper-borne to our first f2f -- indeed, apart from my apt New Media master students, Lea and Blaž! Especially Lea went particularly deep into researching the semantics in and around Rog, to build a solid, even if profoundly poetic concept of her Rog-Ring (thing; c.f. picture 3 attached, or just thingiverse it!). Soon it was all in the papers (klick pic.2!), anyways.

If I look again at the "(dis)understandings of "ROG" wiki, started by Lea and then co-texted by Kristina and Liberta, it shows a pretty intriguing, even if somewhat expected (let's call it) semantic field: 

profit    network


 interest vs. needs   responsabillity
potencial       sustainable  organism  conflicts      negotiation
     motion R O G  rethinking    
entertainment    culture  fusion  revitalisation   contradiction
colours    game  PPP  short society    

And only now I gather, that it reminds me of Blaž's 3d-printout (c.f. picture 1 attached)! But you should see (as the world already does) all those occult non-horns ("," to be precise in terms of carmina figuratum, even if "rog" in slovenian means "horn") by Ivana that I was quite unhappy not to have performed with(in) upon the acid-soaked soil aof the Rog premises... Or then the light-bearing cute little blob of Liberta and Jakob's, so profound in its (archeo)logical motivation (imagine a 3d-dynamic-blob depicting the timeline of Rog's life-as-a-building -- now put a 1-EUR-chinashop-salvaged-LED-light inside!). Kristina did an interesting architecture-cum-contemporary*art founded structure-element of Rog's "t(h)reesomeness", while Mark and Peter gemified their 3d concepts rather nicely: Peter developd a tongue-in-the-cheek dice game of "Landgrabber" for all the non-decisive managers of the future Rog Center of Contemporary Art, and Mark rounded it all up abstractly with a cutely metaphored infant-level push-thing-through-right-hole game. Check them all out as documented by author(statement)s:

Lea_rOgrINg.pdf 48.64 KB
Kristina_ThREE.doc 287 KB
Ivana_Butkovic_presentation.doc 303 KB
LB-projects-presentaion.doc 521.5 KB
Peter_ProjectPresentationGRABROGLAND.doc 753 KB
BLAZ-projects-presentaion.doc 1.72 MB
Mark-projects-presenttaion.pdf 84.6 KB

What to say at the very end? I'd rather let the good old 2d photo.medium say the rest: attached here are only 4 precious moments from our School of Arts semster show, but to voyeur the manifold processes inside the container(s), check the more comprehensive photo-gallery of the actual happening inside the container on our website.