Good practice of HILOVV at Erasmus+ Opening Conference

Good practice of HILOVV at Erasmus+ Opening Conference

On January 24 the Brdo congress centre will host the Slovenian Erasmus+ Opening Conference, where the HILOVV project is to be presented as the best international project practice in higher education.

By sucessfully integrating the partner universities from Nova Gorica, Rijeka, Graz and Udine, the intensive programme "Hidden Lives of Venice on Video" (2011 - 2013) offers students a special (re)combination of competencies, blending history and theory with documentary film production in a research-based, so-called "site-specific" process that focuses students on micro-local detail and stimulates confrontation with unusual academic, creative and architectural environments of Venice.

HILOVV also played an important role in consolidating the consortium of partners for the Erasmus-supported curriculum-development project . After the presentation the coordinator of both projects dr. Peter Purg will present one of the 17 documentary shorts produced in the three years: "Delicate Surfaces" under coauthorship of Iva Musović, Urša B. Potokar, Matija Bajc and Giulia Grotto.

Three days before the event at this prominent venue (that was used for EU presidency protocols) the applications had to be closed due to immense interest in the conference, live online streaming is being promised...

More about the HILOVV project (incl. films online):