Filmforum Gorica/Udine, 03/2013

Filmforum Gorica/Udine, 03/2013

The 20th edition of International Film Studies Conference will be held in Udine, 12 – 14 March 2013. As part of the bigger event Filmforum, the International conference Who’s What? Intellectual Property in the Digital Era, will be focusing this year on issues related to intellectual property in the digital age. The most proficient Cinema, Contemporary Art and New Media scholars will debate on issues related to copyright, originals vs. copies, intellectual property, archive and, more generally, on new authorship practices as introduced by the digital revolution.

The 11th edition of the International Film Studies Spring School will be held in Gorizia, 15-21 March 2012. The International Spring School will be organised by University of Udine in collaboration with a wide network of international partners. The different sections of the school will host plenary sessions, workshops and a fully listed programme of evening screenings.

The section Cinema and Contemporary Visual Art will be discussing issues related to authorship in Contemporary Art and the exhibition of New Media with some days dedicated to the specific theme Media Arts and Intellectual Property RightsFilm Heritage will focus on Film between Accessibility and Governance expanding further the topics discussed in the previous year, while Post-Cinema will focus on the process of ‘libidisation” that is sweeping the different media through their workshop Post- Cinema/Videogame/Animation/Comics: A New Syntax of Desires II.

The section dedicated to Porn Studies will take forward their project of mapping national pornographies and developing a comparative perspective on a transnational level. This year’s focus will be on Cartography of Pornographic Audiovisual: Eurasian Pornography.

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