Presentation of Itinerary Workshop at Specific Locations in Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka

Within the Copula project of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, which organises a series of talks with artists and other actors in culture on the topic of art in the public space, Rijeka mobility pilot Itinerary Workshop at Specific Locations will be presented by APU team members.

The backbone of MAP programme development still active

While the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts has already begun (and is currently finishing) the pilot year of the Media Arts and Practices Programme, the project team is continuing the work on the development. Usually the team meets up at one of the short course run mobilites to be able to "see into" the mobility itself, to constantly (re-) check the methodologies and contents.

Mobilities within ADRIART new programme piloting in 2013

The ADRIART consortium is issuing a joint call for the spring/summer semester 2013 short mobility courses in Graz, Udine/Gorizia, Rijeka and Komiža. This call is open to all MA-level and last-year BA (year 3 and 4, respectively) students of the participating partner institutions.

Application deadline is February 22, 2013 (23:55). All applications must use this //APPLICATION TEMPLATE// and closely follow the instructions therein. Besides all the general data (on topic, time, place, duration, ECTS value) the table below contains links to comprehensive course descriptions.

Towards a MAP degree

At the beginning the student will either bring a project idea, or define concrete interest in one of the creative environments, either contemporary arts or intermediafilm or creative industries. This is where (s)he will alongside peers start the »Progress Track« under support of local and international mentors, and under review of expert committees. To build competences around the student's project idea or field of interest, s/he  can choose from several Carrier Modules (substantial theory-supported pratical projects) along the stages of Explore!Define!, and Focus!. Simultaneously, the student combines several competencies »… in Practice« by selecting diverse smaller courses from the realms of Techniques or Discourses on offer by the entire programme consortium. Courses are delivered on different locations in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, or Austria and are all supported by an online learning environment. Possibly combining different creative enviroments in the beginning of the programme, the study experience gradually converges towards the final Master Thesis Project.

Photo: HiLoVv project final screening with discussion at University of Nova Gorica School of Arts