Mobilities within ADRIART project /2014

Mobilities within ADRIART project /2014

Joint call for MAP short mobilities

The ADRIART consortium is issuing a joint call for the spring/summer semester 2014 short mobility courses in Graz, Udine/Gorizia, Rijeka and Komiža. This call is open to all MA-level and last-year BA  (year 3 and 4, respectively) students of the participating partner institutions.

Application deadline is February 12, 2014 (23:55), except for Graz, which is February 5th (see details below). All applications must use this //APPLICATION FORM// and closely follow the instructions therein. Besides all the general data (on topic, time, place, duration, ECTS value) the table below contains links to comprehensive course descriptions.

  • Applications of University of Rijeka, Graz Technical University and University of Udine students should be sent (as email attachments) to their local ADRIART coordinators:
  • Applications of the University of Nova Gorica students must be submitted as files via the "APPLICATIONS for MAP short mobilities" dropbox (within the "Progress Track" course of the MAP programme) in the Moodle (// intranet.

Candidates will be notified about the selections until February 25, 2014, through their local coordinators, and will subsequently be contacted by respective mobility organizers. Any questions should be related primarily to local ADRIART coordinators, and/or to ADRIART project management at

your ADRIART consortium

location and title




possible credit value in MAP

participating institutions

Venice (IP) "HILOVV - Hidden Live(r)s of Venice on Video"

(5 weeks pre) 
(3 weeks post)

short documentary film 4 Studio + 2 TIP (+2TIP; or 4 SIP)) UNG, APURI, TUG, UNIUD
Ljubljana (RogLab)

(4weeks pre +) 13-15.11.2013

laser-cutting, CNC milling, 3d modelling & site-specific interactions 2 TIP (NM) UNG, APURI, TUG, UNIUD
Gorica/Udine (IP)

2.-11. 4. 2014

film&video studies and discourses 2+2 DIP (or 4 SIP) UNG, UNIUD
"Responsive Art in Publlic Realm"

(4 weeks pre) 7.-16-5-2014 (4 weeks post)

participation & processing 4 Studio + 2 TIP/DIP (or 4 SIP) UNG, APURI, TUG, UNIUD
"Site-specific Workshop"

29.6 – 5.7.2014
(5-7 weeks pre) 5 days in RIjeka

light, installation, performance (site-specific) 4 Studio (or 4 SIP, or TIP) UNG, APURI, TUG, UNIUD
"Mapping Komiža Narratives"

6. - 13.9.2014
(6 weeks pre) 8 days in Komiža (1 week post)

narrative- & research-based intermedia interventions 4 Studio (or 4 SIP) UNG, APURI, TUG, UNIUD