ADRIART.CE at University of Nova Gorica

ADRIART.CE(EPUS) at University of Nova Gorica

- ALL NETWORK PARTNERS ARE ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS IN 2019/20! - see link for details who/to where has priority but applications from elsewhere are also welcome (we can take into account in case of unused by priority) 


Students of partnering institutions can join the Universty Nova Gorica School of Arts primrily within the MAP - Master of Media Arts and Practices master programme, where currently the focus is on Contemporary Art PracticesAnimation, Film, and New Media. We are open to interdisciplinary and cross-filed artistic practice, research and productions. More on the MAP programme and location for international students:

Usually, studies in the MAP programme combine a central topical and/or methodological focus with peripheral skill-related studies and experiences. On the one side students will work on own project(s) with consultation by relevant mentors and peer students, according to their field of interest. And on the other hand, short courses (that will be agreed prior or upon arrival) support the student's development in terms of content, technique or conceptual competence. Often (but not only) the latter is done through intensive production workshops which include group work, where students take on different roles, according to their profile and academic motivation. After a 2 or 3 month stay the student will be expected to display work at the semester/annual show.

As for the work style and atmosphere at the school, check out some of the numerous picture galleries on our Facebook, and/or our Vimeo, further links down below!




I.1 WINTER CALL 2019/20

Concrete opportunities for study year 2019/20:

Students and mentors alike are for 2019/20 winter mobility period invited to attend a festival-specific iteration of Mapping the Local series of workshops, that have developed a rich tradition within the ADRIART.CE network in recent years, happening among Budapest, Belgrade, Krakow and Nova Gorica.

This year the workshop will take place during Pixxelpoint festival in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, happening 15 -23 November 2019, the workshop starting already on November 11, so that products can be featured at the festival. This means we recommend short-term and excursion mobilities that cover with the period of 11-23 November, when also other happenings shall concentrate in Nova Gorica, including the MAST (Art, Science & Technology) symposium, linked with the MAST project.

Details on the MTL-workshop, to be co-lead by recognized mentors from Budapest, Belgrade and Krakow network partners, are to be announced here at a later stage. MTL was featured at Pixxelpoint already last year...

Mentors: Prof. dr. Peter Purg (Pixxelpoint festival 2019 curator)
and mentors from Budapest, Belgrade and Krakow ADRIART.CE partners, TBC/A.
INCOMING STUDENT CAPACITY: 8 students (incoming)
COURSE CREDIT VALUE: 2-4 ECTS, depends on course involvement
SELECTION: immediately after applying through the system, students should send an email with short CV (bionote) and half-page motivation text on "why I would like to visit UNG School of Arts within ADRIART.CE/CEEEPUS mobility, to, they shall be notified of selection and further procedures within 15 days.


The summer semester might be a bit calmer than the winter semester,  with short intensive course runs in some Carrier Modules, and some more focus on final annual productions. 

A New Media Studio is planned, it is a post-graduate course, on either performance or interactive media installations, theoretical readings&discussions, storytelling, project management etc., depending on the student cohort and profile, lead by prof. pETER Purg,. The short courses are often linked to a basic/intro (BA) weekly course on New Media that you can join in Mar-May (usually held in English), it is a precedent to an advanced MA-level project course-workshop in interdisciplinary NewMedia-Practice.  Assoc. prof. pETER Purg, Phd is in winter semester also giving a comprehensive "Master Thesis Preparation" course. ( He is the coordinator of the present ADRIART.CE CEEEPUS network: )

 In Film there are (in summer semester) regular meetings/consultations/lectures with the Slovenian film director Janez Burger, in winter semester a BA-level weekly course with director Boštjan Vrhovec is possible. Photography is currently focussing on BA-level studies, but if you are interested in interdisciplinary aspects (to any of the other carrier modules), we could look for intersections also on MA level: in Contemporary Art Practices professor Rene Rusjan is the carrier module leader (see her winter-semester course offers above).

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FOR STUDENTS 2-3 MONTH STAY: in the MAP programme there is an array of smaller DIP (Discourses in practice)/TIP (Techniques in Practice) offers* plus the possibility of personal mentoring in CM (Carrier module - Animation/Film/Contemporary Art Practices/New Media) context. Next to that you can pop into a "Studio" perhaps -- these are concentrated course runs usually outside school --  in winter semester immediately after an animation week/Studio (at the school in Gorica for a few days and then a few days at Animateka festival in Ljubljana and Pixxelpoint Festival in Nova Gorica).

FOR SHORT TERM STUDENTS: There are several spaces for intensive workshops open to students from Graz, Sofia, Rijeka, Split, Budapest and Belgrade - you can pop into a Studio - in winter semester -  or immediately after an animation week at the school in Gorica for a few days and then a few days at Animateka festival in Ljubljana or Pixxelpoint in Nova Gorica. Please inquire for an updated list of opportunities and available courses -- as they get confirmed only 2-3 months in advance!

Cost - as this is exchange, you do not pay anything :) The CEEPUS (monthly) scholarship is 286 EUR + Ceepus pays for accommodation (in student housing)  check here The "excursion" rates are a bit different

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Some useful links

the university academic calendar (we only have winter and summer semesters, there are no lectures in July/August/September apart from occasional production workshops with partner universities)

scholarship rates for Slovenia 

is done directly through ceepus system Entrance exam does not apply for exchange, so you just have to write a short motivation letter with a cv/bio and preferably also (link to) some works, portfolio or alike. Here the instructions for Ceepus system application (if link does not work, please copy/paste it into browser)

Food coupons & public transport 

Slovenia is kind of special in that - you can buy subsidized (cheaper) coupons for meals in chosen restaurants (as a student here you are also entitled to that). it is not for free, but definitely is much cheaper. Nova Gorica/Gorica are twin towns, on Slovenian/Italian border. The university main building is in Nova Gorica on Slovenian side, the school is on Italian side. Student homes are in Nova Gorica (2km from the school), also the food coupons are for Nova Gorica. Public transport in Nova Gorica is free, in Gorica and the trans Nova Gorica/Gorica about one euro per ride (the transport on Italian side can not be paid by CEEPUS..). If you come and have the chance we highly recommend bringing a bike :) 

*(usually all known/profiled as late as in late September when we see students' needs)



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