Number of network: CIII‐SI‐0816‐08‐2021

The ADRIART.CE network is a CEEPUS Central European derivative network of the (Erasmus Multilateral LLP) ADRIART project enabling exchange and collaboration of students and teachers of participating institutions, and operating since 2012/13.

Open Calls:

ADRIART(CE) specific offer 2020/21

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic some changes and restrictions might apply. Please contact your home/host Ceeepu coordinator to check the possibilities.

Please check the following sub-pages for opportunities offered at individual network member institutions. 
(For further mobility opportunities in the network please contact the institutions directly.)


Network News:

The International Commission has committed the ADRIART.CE network for 2020/21. Starting with academic year 2020/21 two new partners joined the ADRIART.CE(EPUS) network University of Zagreb with the Faculty of Fine Arts from Croatia and University of Banja Luka Academy of Arts Banja Luka from BIH.

Two (e)books that emerged from MAPPING THE LOCAL process, within the network's core:



Participating institutions: 

UNG - University of Nova Gorica School of Arts - coordinator of network, site specific methodologies in new media and contemporary art practices, feature and documentary film production, animation (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

APURI - Academy of Applied Arts at University of Rijeka - fine arts aspects of intermedia, arts and practices, site specific methodologies in scenographic space, video in contemporary art, animation (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

UMAS - Arts Academy University of Split - short and feature film production, intermedia interactive media (ACCEPTING INCOMING TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

ALU - Academy of Fine Arts University of Sarajevo - fine arts in contemporary perspective (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS IN 2020/21)

MKE - Hungarian University of Fine Arts - contemporary arts and scenographic spaces, interactive/new media, art/media hactivism (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

TUG - Graz Technical University, Institute for Contemporary Arts & Institute for Architecture and Media – contemporary arts, art in public space, digital media in architecture (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

UAB - University of Arts Belgrade  Faculty of Applied Arts – contemporary studies in the domain of multimedia, digital art, theory of arts and media and management in culture (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

UACG - University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia - Department of Urban Planning - urban planning, regional and landscape planning, interior and architectural design, preservtion of architectural heritage  (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND  TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

ASP - "Jan Matejko" Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków - Faculty of Intermedia - (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

FACE - UMT - Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering - State University "Mother Teresa" in Skopje - architectural design, civil engineering (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

UNIBL - University of Banja Luka - Academy of Fine Arts in Banja Luka - fine arts, painting and intermedia, printmaiking and graphic design (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)

UNIZG - University of Zagreb - Academy of Fine Arts - animated film and new media, art education, painting, sculpture, graphic design (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2020/21)


The ADRIART project has developed a master programme - Media Arts and Practices (MAP)*  - currently implemented at the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts and Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. The network initially supported academic mobility within and around the MAP programme, but has been expanding through the recent years, to cover th ebroader reagion of South-East Europe. It currently seeks to focus on developing specific new methodologies in art teaching and research, explore the possibl enew interactions between art and design, as well as advance the artistic-cum-academic production in the region.

*Though not a classical joint programme, the Media Arts and Practices (MAP) programme is to a very high percent same on both institutions in RIjeka and Nova Gorica with a deep understanding of the programme also at the Graz University of Technology (as they are also part of the ADRIART project). The ADRIART original network being (micro)regionally defined, the ADRIART.CE network should enrich it with further partnerships and collaborations from the wider Central European space. The programme instigates interaction within and among the areas of audio-visual arts (film, animation, photography), inter-media arts (spatial, new-media, trans-media) as well as (historical, theoretical, critical) arts discourses. The short location-specific course runs of the Media Arts and Practices master programme demand regular student and teacher mobility, treating site-specific (demographical, social, cultural, ecological, migratory etc.) topics in interdisciplinary ways.



UNG specific 2020/21 offer

ADRIART(CE) specific offer 2020/21