Taxonomy term

public space


APU student / Thu, 04/25/2013 - 09:57

To confront/ coop/ deal with:

new people, different culture, living architecture, unknown context, new inputs, technology,  rain, friendly alliens, curators,  not enough people to interact with, 56 x 25, bachelorette party, println (programming); , tram 6, tram 26, wurst, trash horror films, makey makey that interacted  with the rain at the opening,  sleeping bags, tracking systems, responsive art, input devices, timetables, deadlines, flyers, concepts, concepts, concepts,  chinese wisdom and fortune cookie missions, Schlossberg stairs, cigarette machine,  wireless connection, great expectations, excitement, crossing the borders, great team, laugh, brainstorming, stress, Prost!,  new ideas, compromise, public space, posibilities,  group hugs, great mentors trio, magical helpers in programming, great memories.