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Out of home/space experiences

Pila Rusjan / Wed, 09/25/2013 - 01:12

I have just arrived from one of the many ADRIART mobilities which are a part of our Media Arts and Practice MA programme. Some of them are obligatory depending on one's carrier module, others optional, but each of them is different and gives you an intense experience of its kind. It is not only getting to know new technologies, reading theory, making a new project. It is mostly getting to know yourself through collaboration with other participants - and here, I mean students and mentors.

Mobilities within ADRIART project /2014

The ADRIART consortium is issuing a joint call for the spring/summer semester 2014 short mobility courses in Graz, Udine/Gorizia, Rijeka and Komiža. This call is open to all MA-level and last-year BA (year 3 and 4, respectively) students of the participating partner institutions.

Application deadline is February 12, 2014 (23:55) for all except Graz -- deadline is February 5th, see details below! All applications must use this //APPLICATION TEMPLATE// and closely follow the instructions therein. Besides all the general data (on topic, time, place, duration, ECTS value) the table below contains links to comprehensive course descriptions.