Call for applications to Media Arts and Practices Master programme at APU, Rijeka, DEADLINE 23 September

Call for applications to Media Arts and Practices Master programme at APU, Rijeka, DEADLINE 23 September


First Call for applications to the Media Arts and Practices programme at the Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka

The Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka

invites candidates to apply for the

Master of Media Arts and Practices

Media Arts and Practices study programme (120 ECTS) consists of three modularly defined areas, i.e. Carrier Modules (Intermedia, Photography and Scenographic Spaces).  Upon admission, students elect one of the three modules.

The candidates are expected to take entrance exams and present their idea of the project they wish to develop throughout the course of study. More precisely, students should demonstrate a strong interest in a specific Carrier Module in which they would create their Master Project. Students will gradually develop their Master Projects in an international production environment, in close cooperation with mentors and through interaction with guest teachers and peers. The Master Project, together with its written, theoretical part, forms the graduate thesis.   

Intermedia Carrier Module explores the possibilities offered by a detachment from conventional use of techniques and practices, aiming to create a collaborative and interdisciplinary production environment. The students’ task in such an environment is to widen and consolidate connections among media, contemporary art, technology and critical analysis. The students will engage in a non-traditional, media-oriented art (which may include traditional practices, too), which promotes crossing the boundaries, interdisciplinarity and development of a common, intermedia/transmedia language. Intermedia Carrier Module includes video and audio production forms, (media) installations, performance art and different hybrid multimedia-oriented approaches to contemporary art.   

Photography Carrier Module supports the development of professional photographers and contemporary artists who engage in traditional (analogue) and digital photographic, film/video and other production processes in creative industries and contemporary arts. In addition, it explores the influence of digital photography on traditional photography, it develops understanding and skills related to media digitalization and, finally, encourages students to explore different photographic approaches to contemporary art, multimedia and mass media.

Scenographic Spaces Carrier  Module provides the students with skills needed for the use of traditional and digital technologies in setting the stage for theatre, film, television and for different events (marketing and PR events, cultural, fashion and sports manifestations…) and gives them a general knowledge of stage installation. The students learn how to identify and deal with issues related to creative space design and define solutions that contain specific concepts, functions and aesthetics and meet the applicable (industrial) standards.


Application deadline: September 22nd and 23rd 
(Students Service office hours, check at +385 51 228 886)


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