Lara Badurina / Fri, 07/05/2013 - 08:27

The concept of MAP study rests on a twofold basis: the collaboration with a local community and the openness to social context. The later becomes the action framework for students once they get out of university and became experts or artists. Since the essential goal of MAP study is to develop creative industries in the region, the workshop held at specific location i.e. the grounds of ex-factory Richard Benčić, has justified this concept.

Rijeka in Context

Tomislav Brajnović / Thu, 07/04/2013 - 09:59

On Thursday 27th the Adriart project team had a major meeting in Rijeka. Present were partners from Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Croatia. One of the main topics and the reason for the meeting was the acreditation and the start of the Media Arts ant Practices study on the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka in the year 2013/2014. It is great news and a collaborative success of all involved in the Adriart project!


APU student / Thu, 04/25/2013 - 09:57

To confront/ coop/ deal with:

new people, different culture, living architecture, unknown context, new inputs, technology,  rain, friendly alliens, curators,  not enough people to interact with, 56 x 25, bachelorette party, println (programming); , tram 6, tram 26, wurst, trash horror films, makey makey that interacted  with the rain at the opening,  sleeping bags, tracking systems, responsive art, input devices, timetables, deadlines, flyers, concepts, concepts, concepts,  chinese wisdom and fortune cookie missions, Schlossberg stairs, cigarette machine,  wireless connection, great expectations, excitement, crossing the borders, great team, laugh, brainstorming, stress, Prost!,  new ideas, compromise, public space, posibilities,  group hugs, great mentors trio, magical helpers in programming, great memories.

The ADRIART.CE CEEPUS network calls for last-minute applications (deadline Oct 30, 2015) to three exciting one-week workshops -- students from Budapest, Graz, Rijeka and Nova Gorica can choose among three challenging workshop topics in book-design/contemporary-art, experimental film, or telematic-storytelling/new-media-performance, visiting a partner university in the summer semester for a week:

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