Out of home/space experiences

Out of home/space experiences

Pila Rusjan / Wed, 09/25/2013 - 01:12

I have just arrived from one of the many ADRIART mobilities which are a part of our Media Arts and Practice MA programme. Some of them are obligatory depending on one's carrier module, others optional, but each of them is different and gives you an intense experience of its kind. It is not only getting to know new technologies, reading theory, making a new project. It is mostly getting to know yourself through collaboration with other participants - and here, I mean students and mentors. We are all, despite the two playing positions, oriented towards the same goal: to make this experience the most valuable - being it in the final presented work / the knowledge gained or in the personal growth / collaboration.

I feel there is most of the time crashes between which one of those aspects is the most important. I think they all are.

ADRIARTt mobilities are workshops in different media, on various themes, condensed into a short period of time (5-10 days), with mentors from at least two partner schools. They are project-based and have a set preproduction, production, postproduction and presentation time with many critical dialogues between mentors and students in between. They are intense phisically and psychologically. Participants work day and night for the final presentation and in the meanwhile, they get to know eachother, they get to love and hate, to laugh and cry, to see how themselves work and where are their borders - "Can I push them further?". And I try and I try, work too much, get a bit insane and dizzy, others kick me out into the nature, into the air, into a bar... The next day I don't have energy, but a colleague of mine who has been working till dawn is on adrenalin and wakes me up - he goes to sleep, I go to work. The third leg of our tripod group heads for the supermarket to cook us lunch to make more experiences, to make more material to work on, to have strenght for the evening crits.

And so it goes, with ups and downs, between allies and enemies, until they all come together on the final show. What has been done, has been done. It is time to joy. Next day the grades will fall. Positive or negative, the most important is what you get from the experience and the grade you give to yourself.