MAP Progressing on all Tracks!

MAP Progressing on all Tracks!

Peter Purg / Wed, 10/10/2012 - 18:45

The Media Arts and Practices master programme has started -- today in full-formal, and -frontal interaction, at the University of Nova Gorica, School of Arts in Gorizia, taking off as a bold pilot, into the great wide open of promising productions and intriguing collaborations. We have been together for two weeks now, for a gradual tune-in, on the prodigy wings of our Alvarez-the-Flying-Fortress (to open ceremoniously on Tuesday - come in!), with open windows and doors for all the fresh ADRIAiR influx..

..well, not everyone has made it through the entry examination @MAP -- but we still decided to go for 12 (rather than initially max. 10) students, to make us all richer with diversity, and thirstyer of/for work: half of them are our precious "own" BA graduates, not much more than half of the whole cohort are straight-off Slovenians (whatever that may be), so we are living up to our promise of internationality/-disiplinarity. They flocked together from Croatia, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia, coming from all walks of (art-is-)life -- on board we have just about everyone, from a multi-awarded graphic and game designer, a trans-media globetrotter, an award-winning doc-filmmaker, a tango-theatre director&dancer(world champ!), a regional film-figure par excellence, a (h)activist of art(-is-not)-culture(-mainstream) or rather two of such... Some (of them) excellent graduates from our school -- and others still to become :)  A few have already finished other postgraduate programmes, some in the arts, others in broader humanities -- but all want to learn/do/share more, (re)think, (re)try, (re?)produce, (re!)mediate..

.. so today at the initial Progress Track kickoff meeting, with student self-intro flashes, we already discovered parallel issues between the (larger) Film group and the Cont-Art-Pract/NewMedia group: some from both are interested in how their audiences/users perceive and develop (emotional?) understanding of an artwork, be it on screen, stage, or in between -- while others' point of departure (for their Master Projects/Thesis) is rather their current emotional state, the inner reflections and transitions they bring..

..onto this exciting platform -- indeed, some have filed in complete wrapped-up scenarios (but agreed to revise them within MAP of course), or even a full research design for the master thesis.. while others again, will enjoy to ponder on their ideas, let them interact with the slowly amounting experiences from the Carrier Modules, the Discourses- and the Techniques-in-Practice "courselets" (today they started with Sound, next week it's Misanscene with Creative-Camera&Editing), and of course the diverse Studio workshops on offer already this year (through our trusted ADRIART consortium!), while the FIlm CM is already in full swing -- below a quick pic<>klic-on-the-phone from our today's initial Initial Progress track (showing a short ex-cathedra pondering on the timetable, actually quite unrepresentative of the otherwise unusually circular and polyvalent "kickoff meeting",.c.f. Great Expectations..), be it enough for now, stay tuned--

--no, wait, important: only today the Venice HiLoVv project is kicking off with final participant selections done, the students coming together online on Monday, meeting in Venice an November 18th, just like last year -- only this time much closer to ADRAIRT  it's gonna be a great Studio@MAP -- a propos, RogLab is opening this Friday in Ljubljana, I bet we're gonna make a wicked New-Media Studio there in January, the 3d-printing machines are warming up..
..whew, what a day/week/year..