Rikard Benčić itinerary workshop reviews from other mentors

Rikard Benčić itinerary workshop reviews from other mentors

Stefano Katunar / Mon, 07/08/2013 - 09:29

Difference beatween standard exhibition set up for painting, sculpture or new media exhibitions and theater space is big. Mentioned collective thinking and team work are necesary for making space in function and in homogeneous totality without emphasis of individual practice. That is the main goal for scenographer and other team members which act in the feald of theater space.

Stefano Katunar, assistant


As professor of Multimedia and Film/Video Editing, I was working with several students from APU Rijeka on their video projects which were than exhibited on their exhibition in Bencic building on the 18th od July 2013. 

Students had intersesting ideas and their videos showed a good understanding ov installation media. As I come to te opening exhibition Workshop Setdesign by AdriaArt in Rijeka I was please to see very well prepared show, from the point of  technical achievement as well as content and aesthetic impressions.On the exhibition one could see very different media project such as video and sound installations and other interventions in the space. This exhibition showed how excellently students reflected their artistic skills into the subject of deserted industry comlex and its space. 

One should hope to see further projects on this subject.

New Media and Film/Video Editing: mr.sc. prof. Ingeborg Fülepp, Mag.Art.


The scenographic workshop in Rijeka was substantively very important for our students. As we do not perform the module Scenographic spaces, yet, our students of Film and New media could, through this, get an excellent experience of creative work in and with space. Another important reason is of course the specifics of the 'Benčič spaces', exceptional factory premises in the center of Rijeka, which is going into renovation for cultural purposes. Students could work on their own selected medium and with the site itself. Over five days of the workshop they activated the space with objects, video & sound installations, films, spatial interventions & performances. This type of work was of course completely different than the classic approach to set design in a classroom would be. On one hand gives the students a relatively free hands in the selection and implementation of their own ideas, on the other hand, it requires a strong team work and many compromises, as well as many reconsidering of the decisions to find the right placement of a segment into the overall story.

The leading mentor was able to motivate and keep the entire group of more than fifteen students in the working atmosphere, which resulted in an extremely high-quality event, beginning as a theatrical performance and leading us to the final exhibition. Public presentation to more than a hundred visitors was very successful. It was a confirmation of the quality of work, and brought a lot of satisfaction to the students for their hard work.

For the next workshop we would suggest just a few additional things: to start the workshop with a big meeting of all the participants, so that we all meet, present ourselves and our roles, the rules and aims, researches made, ideas to follow. This would give all the participants – also the visiting ones, more insight of the situation – where we are, who are the others, who can I join, who to invite to collaborate, talk to etc.

For us as visiting mentors, it was a great pleasure to work both with the leading mentor and her assistants as well as with the enthusiastic and creative students. And with the space itself, of course.

Mentors from the School of Arts UNG: Rene Rusjan, Bostjan Potokar