First time in Komiza

First time in Komiza

Tomislav Brajnović / Fri, 09/20/2013 - 08:49

I knew that the first perception of a place depends on the tipe of "entrance" you make...
We came to Vis by ferry in a two hours boat ride from Split. We immediately searched for the Hotel Bisevo that is the only hotel in Komiza. The hotel was neat and clean but it is a living monument of past socialistic times... The beach under the hotel and the pizzeria next to it confirmed the first impression.

Komiza and Vis have many layers to be discovered. As a preparation for the workshop several facendas (short local stories with a kind of funny outcome) were presented to the students (among other informations).
For people that never visited Komiza those facendas were very important and influenced their understanding of Komiza and Komizans. Students were encouraged to develop projects based on those facendas, their on-line research and from the experiences and informations obtained from people that already participated in some of the past projects in Komiza.
It was a two week long prepartion based on the electronic platform Mudri.

The real situation is always different from our expectations and an artist can very soon become aware that it might not be possible to realize his plans.
New situation and new reality can trigger different and new reactions and possibilities. One of the intentions of workshops of this kind is to develop the ability among students to racognize new possibilities and sollutions and to realize them in a short period of time.

To be present on such amazing and rich places at a certain moment in time is unrepeatable experience that shouldn't be missed by an artist.
That kind of awareness develops with time and forms the core of artistic activity.
The push and mentors critique, lack od time, technical insufficiency, wheather conditions, unknown people, unclear concepts and ideas, the need for adaptation and unexpected development of events are just some experiences that students went through in this workshop.
Those experiences are the most valuable they could carry from Komiza.

Their passion and engagement involved in the realisation of their projects is the proof they succeeded in that!


The workshop Mapping Komiza Narratives was held in Komiza on the island of Vis between September 7 and 14 2013. It involved twelve students and several mentors from five universities.

Lavoslava Benčić, Blaž Bertoncelj, Isabella Bubola, Urška Djukić, Dorian Mataija, Maria Sabatina Mennuti, Tijana Mihailović, Ruth Newton, Mišel Periša, Helen Thümmel, Adam Whitehall,  Polona Zupan