ADRIART.CE(EPUS) Workshops and Mobilities

ADRIART.CE(EPUS) Workshops and Mobilities

APPLICATIONS FOR WINTER AND SUMMER SEMESTERS 2015/16 ARE NOW OPEN - DEADLINE JUNE 15 >> See all details on the approved network 2015/16 in this PDF *


UNG - University of Nova Gorica School of Arts - coordinator of network, site specific methodologies in new media and contemporary art practices, feature and documentary film production, animation (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2015/16 - more about UNG and specific 2015/16 offer!)

APURI - Academy of Applied Arts at University of Rijeka - fine arts aspects of intermedia, arts and practices, site specific methodologies in scenographic space, video in contemporary art, animation (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2015/16 - more about APURI and specific 2015/16 offer!)

UMAS - Arts Academy University of Split - short and feature film production, intermedia interactive media (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2015/16!)

ALU - Academy of Fine Arts University of Sarajevo - fine arts in contemporary perspective (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2015/16!)

MKE - Hungarian University of Fine Arts - contemporary arts and scenographic spaces, interactive/new media, art/media hactivism (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS AND TEACHER(S) IN 2015/16!)

TUG - Graz Technical University, Institute for Contemporary Arts & Institute for Architecture and Media – contemporary arts, art in public space, digital media in architecture (ACCEPTING INCOMING STUDENTS IN 2015/16!)